Register License

Add seats

This guide is applicable if

  • This is your first time registering Astah Floating License and
  • You have more than one set of the license number and validation code of Astah Floating License

  1. Log into CV Members. Create an account if you don’t have one yet.
  2. Go to [License Registration].
    License Registration Menu

  3. Enter your license number and validation code.
    Register Floating License as new

  4. Specify the start date of the license and enter the Host ID.
    License Registration

  5. Confirm the license information and click the [Register License] button on the next page.
  6. Go to [License Management] menu.
    License Management Menu

  7. Choose [Add/Renew Licenses].
    Add/Renew Licenses

  8. Enter another license number and validation code and choose [Add new and co-terminate with existing licenses…]
    Add more licenses

  9. Repeat this for the rest of your licenses.
  10. The license file will be sent to you every time you add a license.
  11. Save the license file (.lic) you received the last in the same directory where the license manager module(rlm or rlm.exe) is.
    If you do not know which license file you should use, please read here.
  12. Open the RLM web interface. Click [Reread/Restart Servers] – [Reread/Restart].
    Restart RLM Server

  13. If no error appears, your license has been activated successfully. So let’s go next!
    – Start using Astah
    Learn more about Server Settings