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Don’t know which license file (.lic) I should use

If you do not know which license file (.lic) you should use especially after adding multiple license, you can get the .lic file by following the step below.

  1. Log into CV Members
  2. Go to [License Management]
    License Management Menu

  3. Choose [Download this license key] and click [Next].
    Download License File

  4. This is the license file you should use. Save this license file (.lic) in the same directory where the license manager module(rlm or rlm.exe) is.

  5. Open the RLM web interface. Click [Reread/Restart Servers] – [Reread/Restart].
    Reprise Restart
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How to change the license admin

  1. Have a new license admin to sign up with CV members
  2. The current license admin logs into CV Members
  3. Go to [License Management]
    License Management Menu

  4. Choose [Apply for license transfer] and click [Next].
    Astah License Transfer

  5. Enter the information of the new license admin.
    License Transfer

  6. An email will be sent to a new license admin. Please follow the instruction.