Astah Individual Licensing

The Astah Individual, licenses are best for individuals or small teams.

Individual Licenses

An Individual License does not expire. Support is included for one year with an Astah Individual (perpetual) License. After the initial year, support and upgrades are not included without purchasing a Support License.

Support License

With any purchase of an Astah Individual License Support is included for one year. After the year of included support you must purchase a support renewal license to continue the benefits of support. With a valid support license you receive software updates and Q&A support. For more information about extending a Support License please see our FAQ Question How do Support Renewal Licenses Apply?

ProductSupport PeriodLicense Price
Astah Individual Support Renewal1 Year$ 74

Euro Pricing

In order to better serve our European customers we are happy to offer fixed Euro Pricing. Costumers in Europe can purchase through our on-line store, or through the resellers Compuwave or ComponentSource.

License UseForSupportPriceRequirements
IndividualIndividuals or small teamsIncluded for 1 year€ 229none
Academic Department WideDepartment wide use for all faculty and students Included € 390 / a year Completed Application See Faculty Site License Page
Academic Annual License Teachers / Lectures Included €30 / a year Information above

Support Renewal License

ProductSupport PeriodLicense Price
Astah Professional Support Renewal1 Year€ 57

Friends of Astah

We offer a program for community leaders called Friends of Astah that may entitle you to a free license of Astah Professional.