Read before you start your trial

  • Currently, the supported OS for Astah System Safety is Windows10 and 8.1 (64bit) only.
  • Manual and User’s guide for Astah System Safety isn’t fully ready yet. We have some resources already which you can access from here.
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How to start your trial

  1. Download Astah System Safety (Installer for Windows 10, 8.1 64bit).
    If you’d like to use it on other OS, please let us know your OS information.
  2. Download a trial license(astah_system_safety.lic) you’ve received from us.
  3. Launch Astah System Safety, you will see this dialogue, click [YES].

  4. Then click [Set License Key] and specify the trial license file.

    This is it. You can start using this product until May 31st, 2021.
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We need your feedback!

Since this is a new product, we much appreciate any feedback from trial users.
Please let us hear what you think about this product, improvement ideas on its abilities and usability, anything.