Important Announcement

We changed the platform to manage Astah floating licenses on February 25th, 2021.
We simplified the steps of the license activation and renewal process.
On this page, we will inform you of two important changes.

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1. CV Member’s account

Your ongoing Astah floating license is now registered in our Change Vision(CV) Members website and you can proceed with the following operations to your floating license through the CV Members site.

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How to login CV Member’s account

If you already had an account, please login.
For those who had never accessed the CV Members site, we created the account for you. So please follow the step below to login.

  1. Access this page and enter your email address and click [Next].
    Reissue Password

  2. You will be receiving an email regarding your login password. Please follow the instruction to get your password.

If it says “ID(e-mail address) is not correct.”

If it says “ID(e-mail address) is not correct.”, please contact us with the activation key (or license number) of your floating license.

Contact US
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2. New License number

A license number (5 digit string) has been allocated to your floating license. You can find your license number by following the step below.

  1. Login to CV Members
  2. Go to [License Management].
    License Management Menu

  3. Your license information appears. This is the license number.
    Check license number of floating license

Your Activation Key is now called “Validation Code”

You can see the detailed license information in the [Details] tab.
Value of the Validation Code is an Activation key you originally received at purchase.