New Features: 6.9

(Updated October 09, 2014 - version 6.9.0)

FeaturesAstah Professional
Astah Community
Astah Engineering Pack available-
Sequence diagram's [Gap Expander] / Gap Remover]-
Size adjustment menu now applies to Notes
Opening multiple projects at once (Mac Only)
Multiple InitialPseudoStates available on Statemachine diagrams
New Astah API implementation

Please read the release notes for all the new features, improvements, and fixed bugs.

Astah Engineering Pack Available

We have a new licensing option available which enables you to use the three editions of Astah: Astah Professional (UML Modeling tool), Astah SysML (SysML modeling tool) and Astah GSN (GSN drawing tool) with one license. This new bundled license is available for version 6.9 for Astah Professional. (Read more about Astah Engineering Pack.)

Special Pricing for Engineering Pack

To celebrate the launch of Engineering Pack a special price is being offered through February 2015. For now save 30% on every license of Engineering Pack.

Sequence Diagram's [Gap Expander] / [Gap Remover] options

In version 6.9, editing Sequence diagrams has gotten much easier. The new [Gap Expander] and [Gap Remover] tool allows you to expand or shrink the canvas of the diagrams so that it is now extremely easy to insert Lifelines or Messages to existing Sequence diagrams without adjusting space by moving every single model elements.

Here is a sample:

  1. You have a Sequence diagram like figure below and want to insert a new life lifeline to where the red-dotted box is.
    Sequence Diagram
  2. Select [Gap Expander] and then click and drag to the right. All the models will be moved in that direction to make a space.
    Sequence Diagram
  3. Space has now been added starting from where you clicked
    Sequence Diagram
  4. Add a new Lifeline
    Sequence Diagram
  5. To remove unnecessary space, use the [Gap Remover] by clicking and dragging left
    Sequence Diagram
  6. All the models will slide in the same direction to remove unnecessary space for better looking diagrams
    Sequence Diagram

Adjust Size menu now applies to Notes

[Alignment] menu is an easy and fast way to make model elements align nicely by aligning them horizontally or vertically and resizing them. Now resizing menu under [Alignment] is applicable for [Notes].

Align Notes

Opening Multiple projects at once (Mac Only)

It's now easier to open multiple projects on Mac. You no longer need to use the Terminal to do so. Now all you have to do is to enable one option in System Properties ([Tool] – [System Properties] – [Other]) to open multiple projects on Mac.

Open in Mac

Open in Mac

Multiple InitialPseudoStates available on Statemachine diagrams

Now you are able to draw InitialPseudoStates in Statemachine diagrams by configuring the option in the System Properties. ([Tool] – [System Properties] – [UML]).

Open in Mac

New Astah API implemetations

  • You can zoom in/out and scroll via the API
  • You can get Mini-icons added to model elements via the API
  • getInteractionUse() to get InteractionUse from IGate is added....Learn more about API