Pro 7.0 (June 24, 2015)

Released: June 24, 2015


  • New Design
  • High-res Display Support
  • Retina Display Support
  • Java 8 Support
  • Wrapping text in Statemachine and Activity Diagram
  • Space-adjustment improvements
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NEW Design

We’ve updated icons and simplified the Main Menu bar by removing ones used less frequently. This simple new design will help to maximize your productivity.

Astah New UI

High-res Display Support

Both the visibility and performance issues related to high-res displays are now fully supported!


Note Anchor Connection Points

In version 6.9 or earlier, you could attach the Note anchor to the mid-point of lines only. Now you can attach notes anywhere along the line. Attaching closer to the target model will make clearer and cleaner diagrams.

Note Anchor before moving it
Version 6.9 and before
Adding a Note Anchor to Class Diagrams
Version 7.0
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Other Improvements

  • [6110] Java8 as runtime environment
  • [5922] Import Java now supports Java8 source code
  • [6148] Java8 Pre-installed Template
  • [1949] Retina display support
  • [5775] Full-Screen Mode Support
  • [6183] Now file opens with another instance when opening a file from Finder
  • [6184] Now available in Class, UseCase, Activity Diagram and Flowchart
  • [5937] Better support for connecting points of association lines
  • [0565] An alert message, “A knob cannot be placed here.” no longer appears when moving Assosiations’s edge.
  • [0979] [Delete from Diagram] menu is now on the context menu of Relationships such as association, generalizations
  • [4059] Adjusted minimum size of Property View (Left bottom pane)
  • [5308] Line elements such as associations no longer has drop shadow
  • [5677] Ability to wrap text for models in Statemachine diagram and Activity Diagram
  • [5694] High-resolution display support
  • [5891] The last status of “Reply Message Automatic Mode” is saved the memory in the Sequence diagram
  • [5896] Self-association line is always made in Right-angle mode
  • [5902] Ability to attach Notes anywhere on the line elements
  • [5964] Improved the alert messages that appear when setting up the expired license
  • [5968] Avoid compile error on C++ Export
  • [5984] Launch Astah without Startup screen if it detects any problems with Startup screen
  • [6089] New icons
  • [6131] Simplified Main menu bar
  • [6232] No more shadow and gradation on model elements
  • [6269] Simplified tool palette of Activity Diagram

Fixed Bugs

  • [5830] An exception error happens by closing Association Class
  • [5921] Default setting does not apply for Operation Type
  • [5963] In case there is an ER Entity named Abc and you set List << Abc >> as an Attribute type, it refers to the ER Entity instead of the Class
  • [5966] Copying and pasting projects from one Astah to another loses Association End’s Type Modifier
  • [5976] Unable to add stereotype from Association Class’s pop-up menu when stereotype visibility is off on the diagram
  • [6054] An exception error happens when editing parameters
  • [6077] Deleting realization deletes Interfaces
  • [5755] Moving CombinedFragment in a horizontal way, it nests another CombinedFragment
  • [5810] Unable to create Termination inside a CombinedFragment
  • [5823] [Gap Expander/Remover] tool does not work for between Create message and ExecutionSpecification, Message and its source ExecutionSpecification
  • [5867] When moving CombinedFragment’s guard by [Gap Expander/Remover], it breaks the visibility of guard
  • [5851] Moving lifelines adds unnecessary space to CombinedFragment
  • [5840] Moving an Initial Pseudostate out of its region makes an exception error
  • [5768] Moving multiple Entry points and Exit Points once with cursor key makes an exception error
  • [5766] Shortcut key [Ctrl+R]/[Ctrl+M] add Attributes and Operations to the Nodes
  • [6056] Cloning a package that includes Deployment diagram with Associations in, switching the Associations changes the target model
  • [5992] Unable to change Child key from [Key] tab of Non-identifying relationship’s property
  • [6140] Scroll keeps going up when modifying ER Entity which has multiple Attributes
  • [5768] An exception happens when moving Activity Parameter Nodes and Ports all together with cursor key
  • [5928] [Import Java] cannot reverse the Underscore in Numeric Literals of Java7
  • [5971] Double-clicking the file in [Recent projects] will open the file duplicated
  • [5987] Unable to open a project if it contains connectors that has Type specified
  • [5266] Resizing Window size opens [Extra View] always
  • [5695] Progress bar that appears during reversing Java Source code does not work properly
  • [5695] Progress bar that appears during [Import Java] does not work properly
  • [6065] [Default Item Size] under System Properties does not apply correctly
  • [6075] Astah does not work properly after moving the display from multi-display to single/
  • [6125] Astah terminates abnormally when closing Astah during [Import Java] or [Export Java/C++/C#] without specifying input/output target models
  • [6130] Astah freezes when changing the text to specific Japanese characters on Mac
  • [6159] Unable to add Association to Association Class in the referenced model and also unable to specify the association class to the base class of InstanceSpecification
  • [6162] An exception error happens when closing models which have Traceability Map
  • [6195] Modifying Parameter type on the diagram could switch the order of Parameters inside the Operation
  • [6262] When an internal error occurs during [Check Invalid Models] with a referenced project, the invalid model check never completes
  • [5888] An error happens by saveAs() if there is /templ in another partition
  • [6036] getNonPrimaryKeys() returns wrong information
  • [6038] Switching relationship’s Child key from Attribute0 to Attribute1, Attribute0’s getIdentifiedAttribute returns Attribute1
  • [6061] API gets duplicated ExternalEntity information if the same ExternalEntity is drawn on multiple DFDs
  • [6062] It returns the wrong return value for DFD Methods
  • [6117] Unable to add multiple Plug-ins into the same menu group