Pro 6.4 (March 31, 2011)

Released: March 31, 2011
Model Version compatibility link: 34

New Features & Improvements

  • Copy and Paste models over two Astah instances.
    Now you are able to copy and paste models from one Astah to another.
  • One-click to adjust Diagram Editors width/height
  • Improvements on switching On/Off of Draw Suggest feature
    • The draw suggest is disabled while holding the Shift key down
    • On/Off of the draw suggest feature is now available with a new button on Toolbar
    • On/Off default setting is now available in the System Properties
  • New menu [Depth Arrangement] added to move objects to front/back of others in diagram more easily
    [Bring to Front], [Bring Forward], [Send Backward] and [Send to Back] added under [Depth Arrangement] menu
  • API Extension
    • Get Part and Port of IConnector’s both Source and Target
    • Add/Remove/Resize images to/from/of Mind Map Topic
  • Print Lifeline/Partition name on each page
    To enable to do so, check on [System Properties] – [Print] – [Print name of Lifeline and Partition on each page]
  • [Export Java] available for a package includes space at the end of its name
  • Draw Suggest feature is now supported for Port
  • Lane and Lifeline name always appear in blue in the forefront of other objects when scrolling diagram down
  • [Background color] option has been moved to under [Basic] in the System Properties
  • [F2] no longer functions to modify a reference project in the Structure Tree
  • Now it is easier to move Self-messages
  • The label changed on Mind Map topic’s Pop-up menu from [Add Image] to [Add/Change Image]
  • The label changed on Search option from [Match case] to [Case Sensitive]
  • [Mac] Dialog sizes are more properly adjusted
  • [Mac] Export as EMF is now available
  • [Mac] Key bindings are now available
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Fixed Bugs

  • [4407] Already-selected multiple messages automatically get unselected after moving them in Sequence Diagram
  • [4398] Knobs do not appear when topic’s edge is selected in Mind Map
  • [4376] Some objects are not selectable when they are overlapped with other objects
  • [4365] Pasting texts from Clipboard on ER Diagram could generate duplicated models
  • [4362] An exception occurs when specifying other format files than .asta for reference projects
  • [4414] [Mac] Astah hangs by exporting images when [Resolution to export a diagram to PNG, JPEG files as a bitmap image (DPI)] is set as 71 or low
  • [4401] [Mac] Order of Class’s Attributes cannot be changed with [command] + UP/Down key