Pro 6.9 (October 9, 2014)

Released: October 9, 2014

Astah Engineering Pack Available

Astah Engineering Pack License logo

We have a new licensing option available which enables you to use the three editions of Astah: Astah Professional (UML Modeling tool), Astah SysML (SysML modeling tool) and Astah GSN (GSN drawing tool) with one license. This new bundled license is available for version 6.9 for Astah Professional. (Read more about Astah Engineering Pack.)

Special Pricing for Engineering Pack

To celebrate the launch of Engineering Pack a special price is being offered through February 2015. For now save 30% on every license of Engineering Pack.

Sequence Diagram’s [Gap Expander] / [Gap Remover] options

In version 6.9, editing Sequence diagrams has gotten much easier. The new [Gap Expander] and [Gap Remover] tool allows you to expand or shrink the canvas of the diagrams so that it is now extremely easy to insert Lifelines or Messages to existing Sequence diagrams without adjusting space by moving every single model elements.

Adjust Size menu now applies to Notes

[Alignment] menu is an easy and fast way to make model elements align nicely by aligning them horizontally or vertically and resizing them. Now resizing menu under [Alignment] is applicable for [Notes].

Adjusting Note locations

Opening multiple projects at once (Mac Only)

It’s now easier to open multiple projects on Mac. You no longer need to use the Terminal to do so. Now all you have to do is to enable one option in System Properties ([Tool] – [System Properties] – [Other]) to open multiple projects on Mac.

Run another Astah when opening a file by double-click option

Opening project files in two Astah instances

Multiple InitialPseudoStates available on Statemachine diagrams

Now you are able to draw InitialPseudoStates in Statemachine diagrams by configuring the option in the System Properties. ([Tool] – [System Properties] – [UML]).

Statemachine Diagram option
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Other Improvements

  • You can zoom in/out and scroll via the API
  • You can get Mini-icons added to model elements via the API
  • getInteractionUse() to get InteractionUse from IGate is added….Learn more about API
  • There would be no longer overlapped FK (Foreign keys) created between ER entities in ER diagrams.
  • Better performance when handling large-sized Mind Maps.
  • Improved operation when drawing one Interface model as several model elements on a diagram.
  • When dragging and dropping the Class and Interface from Structure Tree to a diagram, it will not add the same relationships or association lines if they are already drawn on the diagram.
  • Improved performance when selecting a model element to drag.
  • New templates for Impact Mapping, BANT and RFM analysis for Mind Maps.
  • Now normal dependencies are available in Requirement diagrams.
  • Provide better descriptions for [Initial Visibility] settings of System Properties.
  • When [System Properties] – [Export Image] – [Use the current level of zoom for copying] is on, the specified expansion rate will apply even if it is less than 100%.
  • .bak file will not be created when overwriting projects.
  • [Notify icons] no longer appear on Astah.
  • Better instructions for install/uninstall Plug-ins.
  • Strings other than numbers can be input in length/precision for ER models now.
  • Files can be open by dragging and dropping on Start up screen (Windows only).
  • [Enter] key works to confirm activation of Node Count License.
  • Improved alert message for failed license set-up.
  • Improved images appear during the installation of Astah. (Only on Windows)
  • When launching Astah, Astah’s window will not be overlapped on taskbar or docks.
  • Uninstall menu will no longer appear. (Only on Windows)
  • Add new API for zooming in/out and scrolling in diagrams.
    • API can get information from Mini-icons now.
    • Add getInteractionUse()
    • Add ILifelineLink.getMessages()
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Fixed Bugs

  • [796] Right-clicking already selected model to unselect it does not work in the Structure Tree on Mac
  • [3004] An exception error happens when selecting [Preview Multi] while Requirement Table was during the edit-mode.
  • [4486] IGate and IInteraction do not inherit INamedElement.
  • [4597] Input/Output Pins get off the model when Actions is converted to CallBehaviorActions.
  • [4562] An exception error may happen when moving the endpoint of branch-self-message.
  • [4654] Re-loading the same file could bring an exception error after setting an alias in a diagram frame in Class diagrams.
  • [4674] Right-click is recognized as double-click often on Mac.
  • [4698] Shadows of model elements could appear incorrectly by copying and pasting model elements in Activity diagrams.
  • [4787] Enabling the resize feature for Action works incorrectly when Action name shows its name in multiple lines.
  • [4817] Dragging and dropping the model elements could make Association direction appear on the diagram even though the information is set as invisible from [System Properties].
  • [4871] Importing Java Source Code fails if Generics specifies multiple inheritances.
  • [4893] Initial visibility setting is not available for some models for Association Ends and Attributes/Operations.
  • [5075] Guard information could be lost while editing it directly on Activity diagrams.
  • [5081] Alert message that appears non-supported Java is used to launch Astah with includes incorrect information.
  • [5098] A property view always opens up automatically when double-clicking models in the Structure tree.
  • [5135] Unable to input Trigger and Guard to the Transition that origins from JoinPseudoState in Statemachine diagrams.
  • [5138] Generating SQL scripts fails if the ER Diagram contains a Subtype relationship and one end has a Primary key like the figure below.
  • [5249] When creating a new Association Class on the Package, it goes behind the Package.
  • [5252] Assembly notation gets broken during merge projects.
  • [5286] While creating any new model from the Property View while models were still on the edit, some fields on a new window may be grayed-out sometimes.
  • [5319] Astah could freeze with [Command + Q] when opening a file that has an older model version on Mac.
  • [5320] Unable to clone diagrams if the project has a reference model which includes Note Anchor.
  • [5328] A duplicated confirmation dialogue appears by hitting [Command + Q] without saving projects on Mac.
  • [5329] Unable to clone diagrams in referenced files sometimes.
  • [5334] An EmptyStackException could happen when performing importing Java source code.
  • [5344] A default color setting does not apply when creating a parent partition from an existing partition on Activity diagrams.
  • [5353] An exception error happens when creating an Activity diagram out of CallBehavior Action that has names in multiple lines.
  • [5375] Cloning Sequence diagrams fail to clone all the models completely. (Some of the cloned models could have wrong references to the models that are before cloned.)
  • [5379] Moving model elements with cursor key do not work sometimes while the diagram was displayed zoomed out.
  • [5407] License set-up fails on a machine with Thai language OS.
  • [5421] An exception could happen when closing Astah if no plug-ins are installed.
  • [5430] An exception could happen when clicking [Restore Defaults] button on [System Property] dialogue.
  • [5447] No error message appears even though StackOverFlow error is happening at the merge, update of referenced projects and compare of projects.
  • [5449] Date is not shown correctly on the header on [Print Preview] on Thai-language OS.
  • [5464] Messages would not be moved correctly sometimes in Sequence diagrams.
  • [5465] Unable to move the ExecutionSpecification to another lifeline due to Asynchronous messages.
  • [5467] When copying diagram images in EMF, it may copy more than what is selected.
  • [5471] Moving the target of an Asynchronous message could make the diagram look incorrectly on Sequence diagrams.
  • [5479] Deleting relationships could also delete unrelated FK on ER diagram.
  • [5480] Unable to open a model if an Association Class was deleted from its model.
  • [5484] Termination does not follow correctly on the Sequence diagram by moving a Create Message.
  • [5485] Moving multiple messages could locate the execution specification in the wrong place.
  • [5494] ExecutionSpecification gets off the lifeline if it has both Synchronous message and Asynchronous message.
  • [5495] An exception error could happen when moving ExecutionSpecification that has lost-Asynchronous message in the Sequence diagram.
  • [5509] Printing diagrams fails if the project has InstanceSpecification which name ends with Non-ASCII character on MacOSX.
  • [5517] Copying and pasting end up locating the message in the wrong place if there is a CombinedFragment and it has an InteractionUse in it.
  • [5524] Clogging a Package fails to clone all the nested models completely.
  • [5533] Unchecking [Auto] checkbox on the [Font Chooser] dialogue could bring an error when selecting any font after.
  • [5550/5551/5553/5554] An exception error happens within IPort.isStatic(), IPort.isPublicVisiblity(), IPort.isChangeable() and IPort.getInitialValue.
  • [5552] API gets Slot’s value as IInstanceSpecification when it should be iSot.
  • [5558] Unable to get domain’s initial value from IERDomain#getDefaultValue() with API.
  • [5573] Sometimes it is unable to move CombinedFragment up and down in a Sequence Diagram.
  • [5578] Sometimes it is unable to move models with keyboard cursor keys in the Sequence diagram.
  • [5585] Using API to add attributes to ER Entity could occur an exception error.
  • [5597] Description of getDefaultValue() of IERDomain is not correct.
  • [5636] Re-importing the exported XML could have the hyperlink URL of Mind Map topic and texts kept encoded.
  • [5651] It is unable to terminate lifelines within CombinedFragment in Sequence diagram.
  • [5664] Some class names do not appear correctly when being added as a base class from content assist.
  • [5672] Wrong alert appears when you try to create a CombinedFragment closed to Terminated Lifeline.
  • [5681] When moving multiple lifelines that have InteractionUse and does not, all the lifelines would have InteractionUse after all.
  • [5689] You can create Reply Messages to Asynchronous messages that are toward to InteractionUse or Frame.
  • [5697] Admin-related error message that appears when it fails to set license has incorrect information.
  • [5739] Astah fails to launch sometimes.
  • [5751] Copying and pasting Flowchart models from one Astah to another, the transition labels would be mislocated.
  • [5771] It is difficult to grab and drag the knob of messages in Sequence diagrams.
  • [5799] After cancelling [Save as Obfuscated XML project], coyping and pasting models would obfuscate themselves.
  • [5817] Type Modifier of Operation’s parameters can get lost by copying and pasting models.