New Features: 6.6

(Updated October 31, 2012 - version 6.6.4)

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Content Assist
API Extension
Floating Topics in Mind Map-
Activity Diagram 2.x Support
New look on Plug-in dialog
Note anchor to Attributes/Operations
Launching with .exe (For Windows)
Dashed line support in DFD--
Better visualization for diagram changes--
Instant visibility setting for diagrams
Tab key to create new Mind Map topic-

Please read the release notes for all the new features, improvements, and fixed bugs.

Content Assist

While editing models, content assist provides a list of Types for attributes of classes, and operation methods in Sequence diagrams within the diagram editor, which allows you model faster than ever.

Content Assist

API Extension

  • Edit Sequence diagrams*
  • Add/Delete of States*
  • Compare Project*
  • Get information if the project is currently edited*
  • Set alias*
  • Set hyperlinks for images*
  • Edit Nodes and Components*
  • Get information about relative location in the Diagram Editor*
  • Add constraints to Class
  • Check if models have specific stereotypes*
  • Get timing information when diagram tab is switched*
  • Get full path of model*
  • Get Astah's installation folder information*
  • Detect when a model is selected in the Structure Tree or Diagram Editor in real time
  • Floating topics in Mind Map
  • New models in Activity Diagram
  • Note anchors for Attributes/Operations
  • Shared line style of Generalization
  • Shared line style of nested relationship
  • Subtype relationship in ER diagram
  • Enables Plug-in to receive the selection of models with Event

* since version 6.6.4

See the full Astah API.

Floating Topics in Mind Map

Meet new feature "Floating Topic" in Astah's Mind Map! "Floating Topic" is a topic that does not belong to any branches. In version 6.5 or before, when you create new topics, you had to attach them to other relating topics. But you no longer have to. Now you can create new topics as many as you want as they pop in your head without having to worry about where they belong. They can be placed on Mind Map without finding where they should belong right away and place them in the right branches later when you sort them out. Also now you can put plural Mind Maps in one Mind Map editor which makes it very useful when you compare several Mind Maps on a same canvas or integrating them all together to complete one Mind Map.

Three ways to create a Floating Topic

  • Select "Floating Topic" from tool bar and click on Mind Map
  • Mind Map 1
  • Double-click on Mind Map
  • Select "Change to Floating" from existing Mind Map Topic's Pop-up menu to detach
  • Mind Map 3

Now you can have mulitple Mind Maps in one editor

Mind Map 2

Activity Diagram 2.x Support

More Activity Diagram 2.x options are now available.

  • Input Pin
  • Output Pin
  • Accept Time Event Action
  • Weight for Control Flow/Object Flow
  • Property settings for Ordering, Upper Bound, Control, Effect, Exception and Stream
Activity Diagram 2Activity Diagram 1

New look for Plug-in dialogs

Handling Plug-ins has become much easier with new dialog. All installed Plug-ins appears in the list and now you can switch ON/Off from this dialog to use it.

Plug-in Dialog

Note anchor to Attributes/Operations

Now you can attach Notes to each Attributes and Operations for individual descriptions.

Note Anchor

Launching with .exe (For Windows)

Astah now launches via an .exe file (previously a .bat file). A black dialog won't appear when launching Astah and you can add Astah to the quick launch bar in the task bar (in Windows).

launching via exe in windows

Dashed line support in DFD

You are now able to draw DataFlow with a dashed line in a Data Flow Diagram.

dashed line in DFD

Better visualization for diagram changes

The diagram difference guide has become more clear and intuitive to show every difference between two diagrams visually. ([Compare Project] - [Show Diagram Difference]).

diagram changes

Instant visibility setting for diagrams

[Apply to existing elements] button is added in the property of Class Diagram and Requirement Diagram to apply the display setting to the existing models instantly.

visibility setting

[Tab] key to create new topics in Mind Map

The [Tab] key will make it easier to insert new topics with these new shortcut keys!

  • [Tab] to insert a new Child Topic
  • [Shift] + [Tab] to insert a Parent Topic

All Astah Shortcut Keys