New Features: 7.0

(Updated June 24, 2015)

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New Design
High-res Display Support
Retina Display Support
Java8 Support-
Wrap Text Extended
Add / Remove Space Changes-
Note Anchor Connection Points

Please read the release notes for all the new features, improvements, and fixed bugs.

NEW Design

We've updated icons and simplified the Main Menu bar by removing ones used less-frequently. This simple new design will help to maximize your productivity.

new display

High-res Display Support

Both the visibility and performance issues related to high-res displays are now fully supported!

high resolution display

Retina Display Support

Retina display and Mac full screen mode are supported!

Java 8 Support

The import of Java 8 source code is available!

Wrapping Text in Statemachine and Activity Diagrams

Now you are able to wrap text on the label of transitions in Statemachine diagram such as Trigger, Guard and Action. Same as for Guard and Actions of Control/Object flows in Activity diagrams. You can now adjust diagram size by wrapping these texts!

Adjust Spacing Improvements

The Gap Extending feature is now available for Flowcharts as well as Class, UseCase, and Activity Diagrams, just drag to add/remove space on the diagram. Modifying diagram is the easier than ever with this feature, Astah Professional only.

retina display

Note Anchor Connection Points

In version 6.9 or earlier, you could attach the Note anchor to the mid-point of lines only. Now you can attach notes anywhere along the line. Attaching closer to the target model will make a clearer and cleaner diagrams.

Version 6.9 and before
retina display

Version 7.0
retina display