What's New in Version 7.1

(Updated September 28, 2016)

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Map View-
Font Setting Improvement-
RGB color setting
One-click to convert Class to Interface-
Wrapping text via API-
ER Diagram Improvements-

Map View

Map view is now added on the screen - you can smoothly control diagram view using Map. Zooming and scrolling are all done in the Map.

Astah New Map View

Font Setting Improvement

Font setting is easier than ever. In previuos versions, you had to uncheck serveral check boxes in order to set font. Now simplified font box enables you to access your preferred font smoothly.

Astah Font Setting

RGB color setting

Finally you can specify color setting through RGB! Also transparency is now adjustable.

Astah RGB Color Setting

One-click to convert Classes to Interface

When you create design models based on conceptual models, you may want to convert existing classes to Interfaces. Since version 7.1, you can do so with one-click!

Astah Convert Class to Interface

Wrapping Text in Statemachine and Activity Diagrams via API

Now you are able to wrap text on the label of transitions in Statemachine diagram and control flows in Activity Diagram using API!

wrap textin Astah

Improvements on ER Diagram

Based on users feedback, many improvements are made in ER Diagram. One of them is adding a check box not to enclose deafult value of ER Attributes when exporting SQL. Also an ability to import ER domains and models from Excel is enhanced!

Astah ERD


Astah ERD

- [3402] Improvement on Font-setting dialogue Astah ERD

- [6105] New Map ViewAstah ERD

- [6121] Now you can add Mini icons while opening any diagrams other than Mind MapAstah ERD

- [6488] Simplified [License Management] window.Astah ERD

- [6509] No more default [java] package when creating a new project.

- [6663] Now color setting through RGB is available and also make it transparent.

Astah ERD

- [6622] Converting between Class/Interface is now available from context menuAstah ERD

- [6494] Now you are available to create Template Parameter using API with null as its type.

Astah ERD

- [6704] Now you can show the following model namaes in multiple lines.Astah ERD

  • Statemachine Diagram--Transition, Internal Transition
  • Activity Diagram -- Control Flow, Object Flow

Astah ERD

- [5521] Now you can select a private operation of Parent Class's to a message.

Astah ERD

- [0860] Now Nested NodeInstances are available.

Astah ERD

- [6532] Now you can search closed Mind Map topics when you search on diagrams.

Astah ERD

- [6233] When converting Classes to ER Entities, all the stereotypes in lowercase are now convertiable.

- [6552] You can now modify ER Domain with API.

- [6555] Entity Definition Report is exportable now without Entities in the project.

- [6556] When importing ER models using Excel to ER Plug-in, it keeps domain's parent information.

- [6557] When importing ER models using Excel to ER Plug-in, it overwrites if same named domain already exists in the project.

- [6561] length/precision, NN, Alias are now importable.

- [6362] When expoting SQL, ER Entity's Index's unique key is no longer replaced with upper cases anymore..

- [6585] [Formula] checkbox is now added for Attribute's Default Value.

- [6623] When drag and drop domain elements into an er entity, the definition is copied to the entity.

Fixed Bugs

Astah ERD

- [6005] [Select all] does not include diagram frame.

- [6256] The height of text field in the [Stereotype] tab in the property view isn't high enough and cuts out the text sometimes.

- [6577] Unable to delete Association End Name from Property View.

- [6644] Astah windows does not remember the full sized screen mode.

- [6655] An issue binding/releasing the Required Interface and Provided Interface.

- [6657] Undo does not function after deleting interface stereotype.

- [6668] Choosing Font by scrolling with up/down key sets the font type incorrectly.Astah ERD

- [6664] You cannot add hyperlink to unnamed models.Astah ERD

- [6698] No response when clicking [Add] button on Mini Icon list when any diagram is open other than Mind Map.Astah ERD

- [6565] When exporting a diagram into EMF format image files, it may have blank space around the diagram as it includes frame even though it is hidden on the diagram editor.Astah ERD

Astah ERD

- [5649] An exception error occurs when deleting Operand after setting as loop to CombinedFragment with more than 3 Operands.

- [6472] Default message name gets restored when opening a file which you had Create/Destory message name left blank.

Astah ERD

- [6576] Following two items are missing in the System Properties:

  • Message Return Various
  • Message Return Type

Astah ERD

- [6671] When copying and pasting a statemachine diagram with multiple InitialPseudostates gives an alert.

Astah ERD

- [6370] Incorrect error message appears when "a link between topics" is invalid.

- [6372] [Set Mindmap Style] dialog shows incorrect font information.

- [6683] It throws a Null or ClassCast error when controling the expansion of Mindmap topics from Topic's property on the Mind Map created by using API.

Astah ERD

- [6626] Disk image corrups after changing it to MicrosoftObject on PowerPoint after pasting it in EMF format.

Astah ERD

- [6425] Default name of Anchor is not appropriate.

Astah ERD

- [6617] It is unable to edit Length/Precision from Entity's [Attribute] tab sometimes.

- [6333] Switching a Child Key with API, it is unable to get the information of primary key related to where IERAttribute depends on.

Astah ERD

- [6533] When exporting CRUD to Excel using [Export CRUD Stastics to Excel], a large sized table cannot be shown propertly.

Astah ERD

- [5675] [Import Java] imports Interface with a field variable on its visibility as package.

- [6491] [Import Java] failed to import Template Parameter.

Astah ERD

- [6493] Working on projects with [Reference Model Management], derivation of classes cannot be made when its operation is used in messages between lifelines.

Astah ERD

- [6597] It outputs inapporate size when printing diagrams on Retina.

- [6690] Configuration of Papersize/layout does not work sometimes.

- [6692] You cannot paste with [Cmd +V] shortcut keys of any images that were copied in other applications.