Release Notes

Release DateVersion Release Notes
Maintenance Release NotesNew Features
2018/09/268.0New Features
2017/09/277.2New Features
2016/09/287.1New Features
2015/06/247.0New Features
2014/10/096.9New Features
2014/01/166.8New Features
2013/03/146.7New Features
2012/03/ / 6.6.2 / 6.6.3 / 6.6.4New Features
2011/09/ Features
2011/03/316.46.4.2 / 6.4.1New Features
2010/11/ Features
2010/07/306.26.2.1New Features
2010/03/ Features
2009/10/ Features

Support and download of each product ends 3 years after the release date of its first version (the first decimal place).