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Astah Professional Release Notes: 6.5

[Notes for Mac]

  • [Ctrl] key mentioned in this Release Note indicates [Command] key
  • RTF document Astah generates is designed for Microsoft Office Word. When you open RTF Document with TextEdit, the images would not appear.
  • You cannot drag Diagram Editor's tabs to move sideways on Aqua Look and Feel.

Astah Professional 6.5 (September 29, 2011)

  • Model Version: 35
    Astah files (.asta) are upward compatible. If the files have been edited by the newer model version of Astah, they cannot be opened in the older model version.

New Functions/Improvements

  • Now you are able to represent association lines in shared style horizontally.
  • You can synchronize the modification of System Properties to the current project property timely as you are modifying it.
  • [Export Image] now exports the whole diagram always.
  • Alignment features are now supported for lines, FreeHand lines and Highlighters.
  • Now you are able to delete State's entry, do, exit and event with delete key in Statemachine diagram directly.
  • When the Suggest Feature is turned off, you can turn it on by holding [Shift] key down.
  • Align features are now available in Mind Map.
  • [Depth Arrangement] menu works for Mind Map topics now.
  • You can now adjust the X coordinate of all the topics in Mind Map now.
  • Improved to remember the color for Mind Map topic edges after relaunching Astah.
  • [Convert to UML Model] diagram can remember latest state of checkboxes.
  • Parameters and return value can be specified as const.
  • Array type can be specified as Actual Parameter of Template Parameter tab for Template Binding.
    • Improvements on API
      • Now API can read information of model elements on Communication Diagrams.
      • API can read information of InstanceSpecification.
      • Extended properties for IPresentation.setProperty().
  • Astah lets Multiplicity and MultiplicityRange have unique IDs for XML export.
  • When exporting files, any prohibited characters will be removed automatically so the export does not fail.
  • Improved an error message that appears when it fails to create new files to advise more clear reasons.
  • Improved to make it easier to select relationship lines on diagram.
  • Improved the Line Style buttons to have all different type of lines gathered in one dropdown button.
  • Improved the color gradation for model elements.
  • Now Astah runs without making you to set up the evaluation license key.

Fixed Bugs

  • [2729] Changing an index of Messages could cause an exception in Communication Diagram.
  • [2774] An execution occurrence could not be updated after deleting self-messages.
  • [3546] Some model information cannot be moved into another partition all at once.
  • [3546] Some model information cannot be moved into right or bottom partition all at once.
  • [4138] Changing parent of a Part from its [Association EndB] tab in the Property View does not update on a diagram.
  • [4314] Total Merge Utility overwrites readonly files.
  • [4409] [Import Java] throws an exception when no class files were found.
  • [4421] Top Menu view gets broken sometimes after selecting dropdown buttons from them.
  • [4427] Mind Map topics get disconnected to each other when adding more topics from referenced model.
  • [4429] Copied partitions get pasted in wrong place in Flowchart and Activity diagrams.
  • [4434] Clicking [Add checked items] without selecting any items on [Add ER Domains] dialog throws an exception.
  • [4437] Deleting child partitions do not delete actions inside in them in Activiti diagrams.
  • [4442][4443] [Paste Style] menu does not paste background color of rectangles.
  • [4446] Alignment functions does not apply for rectangles in Mind Maps.
  • [4447] Dragging models could drag their connected lines together.
  • [4448] [Partial Auto Layout] menu moves lines and freehands to right down automatically.
  • [4464] Suggest Feature creates relationships with a wrong origin model.
  • [4472] Dropping a Mindmap itself to another Mindmap could occur an alert or exception.
  • [4475] Setting color to text of subtype in ER diagram throws an exception.
  • [4480] Obfuscated XML Utility throws an exception with a read only target file.
  • [4484] [All Related Diagrams] does not jump to specific model both in diagram and property view.
  • [4497] Clicking a relationship line show bended rubber band in the diagram.
  • [4500] Dropping same ER Entity from Structure Tree to Data Flow Diagram twice creates invalid models if the ER Entity has physical name.
  • [4501] [Convert to UML Model] - [UseCase] menu from Mind Map topic in the Structure Tree does not work.
  • [4511] [View] - [Fit to Window] - [Fit to Window] does not work.
  • [4514] [Import Java] could throw an exception, if there is a same class which has a self association before importing Java classes.
  • [4517] Dropping a jpeg image to Diagram Editor could throw an exception.
  • [4524] If there is an ExternalEntity or a DataStore that has a same name as existing Class, selecting the class for type for other models throws an exception.
  • [4525]While Look&Feel is Aqua or Motif, Astah does not remember which folder it used the last.
  • [4526][4527] Up and Down buttons do not work in the [TaggedValue] tab of Property of Requirements and TestCases, ExternalEntities and DataStores.
  • [4528] [Open XMI Project] does not restore edge styles just under a root topic in Mind Map.
  • [4530] When you select and move models with partitions all together at once, partitions would be left behind.
  • [4539] Astah wouldn't load images inserted on diagrams depending on the Java version Astah runs on.
  • [4540] Deleting a Port from a Part whose type is a referenced model isolates the Port from the Part on Composite Structure Diagram.
  • [4541] [Import Java] cannot import multidimensional array's initial value properly.
  • [4542] [Import Java] could make an invalid generalizations.
  • [4543] It wouldn't allow Array type to be specified for Template Binding's Actual Parameter type.
  • [4544] Resizing a straight highlighter could paint over a whole diagram in white.
  • [4548] Some key events aren't fully organized.
  • [4553] [Mac/Linux] [Select Java File] of [Import Java] does not remember the folder you selected the last.
  • [4562] Pushing [Edit] button on Attribute tab of Entity in Property View could not show a proper attribute.
  • [4563] Default value of attributes which have a domain will be empty, when showing Attribute tab of Entity in Property View.
  • [4566] It wouldn't allow Array type to be specified for Template Binding's Actual Parameter type.
  • [4570] An invalid model would be created by hiding Port from Part's Pop-up menu if the Port has a Note connected with Noteanchor.
  • [4576] Nested Classes would disappear after being copied & pasted if those were shown in [Shared Style].
  • [4585] An exception occurs by pasting a copied Attribute off Class onto ER Entity.
  • [4586] Copied Attribute of Class's should not be pasted onto Requirements or TestCases.
  • [4587] An exception occurs by adding a constraint to Dependencies or Generalizations while no models are selected and displayed in the Property View.
  • [4588] Nothing happens when you try to add constraints to Dependencies or Generalizations while those are not displayed in the Property View.
  • [4594] [Export Html] fails if Mind Map name contains any line breaks.
  • [4601] Some texts (Japanese) could be garbled when you open exported HTML on browser.
  • [4611] After selecting [File] - [Preview Multi], unnecessary outline frame will appear in diagrams.


  • XMI files generated by JUDE/Professional3.0 or older cannot be loaded.
  • [Insert diagram image's link into exported document] option has been removed from RTF Document settings

Existing Bugs

  • [4274] Highlighter element does not appear on exported EMF
  • [4216] Print setting does not work for all the sheets of Entity Definition Report in EXCEL2007 or earlier version
  • [4070] FreeHand element does not appear on exported EMF
  • [3765] Spaces are not displayed correctly when printing a UseCase Description
  • [3049] After ungrouping the EMF images of diagrams from Astah, the EMF image falls apart in other tools
  • Depend on the running environment, images in EMF format cannot be pasted directly in Word, Excel or PowerPoint
    This happens in Office 2000 after applying Windows update KB896424. To paste, go to [Edit] - [Paste special] - [Enhanced Metafile] in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. If you use Office 2003, you do not encounter this problem.
  • In the RTF document export function, the size of images becomes too large or small depending on the option or the size of diagrams
  • Some of Japanese characters cannot be input in the Mind Map
  • A curve line in Mind Map will become a dashed line when you copy & paste an EMF file
  • [4149] Boundaries in Mind Map are not displayed in the EMF format
  • Objects lose gradations on exported EMF images. (By [Export Image]-[Save Diagram as EMF]/[Save Multiple Diagrams as EMF]/[Copy to Clipboard]-[EMF])
  • [4034] [Mac] Astah could freeze when printing or previewing on Mac OS X 10.5
  • [4005] [Mac] Astah freezes when selecting [Print] - [Save as PDF] on Mac OS X 10.5

What's NOT supported in Mac

  • Copying as EMF is not supported