ER Diagrams

In Astah Professional ER Diagrams (Entity-Relationship Diagrams) can be drawn in two notations, IDEF1X or IE. Categories for Entity, Resource, Event and Summary can all be set. Show Domains hierarchically and you can drag-and-drop Domains into Entities directly to add them.

ER Diagram
  • Create ER Diagram
  • Export Entity Definition Report
  • Database Reverse Tool (Sample, Non-support)
  • Convert Mind Map Topics to Entities
  • Convert ER Model to UML and vice versa
  • Convert ER Model to DFD and vice versa
  • Export SQL (Based on SQL-92)
  • Edit ER Diagram, Domains
  • Switch names between Physical Name and Logical Name
Customize Data Types
ER Datatype
Logical Name/Physical Name support
ER Datatype
ResourceEntity, Event Entity or SummaryEntity in ER Entity's dropdown
ER Diagram
IE/IDEF 1X Notation support
ER Datatype

Demo Movie:ER Diagram