XMI Export Plug-in

Export XMI From Astah

  • Version: 0.8.2 (Updated May 29, 2014)
  • For use in: Astah Professional (6.8 or later) - Download
  • Created By: Change Vision, Inc

This Plug-in enables you to export model information of Class diagrams to XMI in UML 2.4.1 or CMOF 2.4.1 format.

How to use

  1. Download the XMI Export Plug-in (.jar file) from here.
  2. Run Astah and go to [Help] - [Plugin List] menu and click [Install] button.
    anycode plugin
  3. Select the .jar file and restart Astah.
    anycode plugin
  4. [Export XMI] will now be in the menu under [Tool]
    image 1
  5. Open a file and go to [Tool] - [Export XMI] and select [UML] or [CMOF]*
  6. Choose a location for the XMI file to be exported to and then select [Save]

Supported Items and Notes

  • This Plug-in is capable of exporting the following models: Packages, Subsystem (Subsystems will be exported as Packages), Classes, Interfaces, Attributes, Operations, Association Classes, Notes which are connected with models, Associations, Dependencies, Generalizations, Realizations and Usages. (Stereotypes and Qualifiers will not be exported.)
  • * When exporting in CMOF format, following models would be converted as below by complying the constraints of CMOF 2.4.1's:
    • Visibilities of properties would be public
    • "Aggregate" Association End's would be Composite (Shared)

This Plug-in works with Astah Professional