PHP Export Plug-in

Export your models to PHP.

  • Version: PHP Export Plug-in: 1.0.4 (Updated: Jan 7, 2013)
  • For use in: Astah Professional or Astah Community(6.6.4 or later) - Download
  • Created By:Tobitobita
  • Get: Source Code

The PHP Export Plug-in enables you to directly export Classes to PHP, available both in Astah Community and Astah Professional.

How to export to PHP

  1. Download the PHP Export Plug-in (.jar file) from here.
  2. Run Astah and go to [Help] - [Plugin List] menu and click [Install] button.
    anycode plugin
  3. Select the .jar file and restart Astah.
    anycode plugin
  4. Open a file and go to [Tool] - [PHP] - [Export PHP]
    PHP plug-in in the Astah menu
  5. A list of Classes appears in a list, choose ones you'd like to export and click [OK]
    PHP plugin classes menu

This Plug-in works with Astah Community and Professional