DB Reverse Engineering

Easiest way to import database tables into Astah!

  • Version: 1.0.8 (Updated: July 18, 2017)
  • For: Astah Professional (6.6.4 or later - Download)
  • Author: Change Vision, Inc
  • Get:  Source Code

The Database Reverse Engineering Plug-in is the easiest way to connect to the database and import the database tables into Astah Professional. After importing, you are able to auto-generate ER Diagrams quickly.

How to import database tables into Astah

  1. Download the DB Reverse Plug-in (.jar file) from here.
  2. Run Astah and go to [Help] - [Plugin List] menu and click [Install] button.
    anycode plugin
  3. Select the .jar file and restart Astah.
    anycode plugin
  4. [DB Reverse] menu is added under the [Tool]
    image 2
  5. Go to [Tool] - [DB Reverse] to open [DB Reverse] dialog
  6. Configure the Database information to connect and then click [Connect]
    Note: A JDBC driver is required to import tables in Astah. If you do not have one, please download the JDBC driver that fits your requirements.
    image 3
  7. Configuration sample for HSQLDB
    • [URL] jdbc:hsqldb:hsql://localhost
    • [User] sa
    • [Password] N/A
    • [JDBC Driver] org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver
    • [Driver path] C:\hsqldb-2.2.5\hsqldb\lib\hsqldb.jar
  8. Tables would be imported to Astah. To auto-generate ER Diagrams with imported tables, right-click the ER Model in the structure tree and then select [Auto Create ER Diagram]
    image 4

Version History

Plug-in VersionRelease DateAstah Professional VersionDownload / Release Notes
1.0.72016/10/13Version 6.6.4 or laterDownload
1.0.62016/02/22Version 6.6.4 or laterDownload
1.0.52015/07/07Version 6.6.4 or laterDownload
1.0.42014/10/27Version 6.6.4 or laterDownload
1.0.32014/11/10Version 6.6.4 or laterDownload / Release Notes

This Plug-in works with Astah Professional