Bookmark Plug-in

Bookmark specific model elements for yourself, or for your team members to see.

Bookmark the key model elements: Class, Notes, UseCases in any diagram in Astah you want to re-check for yourself or have them listed and then send it to your team members for review.

How to bookmark in Astah

  1. Download the Bookmark Plug-in (.jar file) from here.
  2. Run Astah and go to [Help] - [Plugin List] menu and click [Install] button.
    anycode plugin
  3. Select the .jar file and restart Astah.
    anycode plugin
  4. A [Bookmark] tab will appear in the bottom window
    image 2

How to add a Bookmark

  1. Select a model element you want to bookmark in a diagram
  2. Click the [Add bookmark] icon (middle button)
    image 2
  3. A Bookmarked model will be added in your list
    image 2

You can put any text in the description feild. When a bookmarked item in your list is selected you can jump to the model element in that diagram.

This Plug-in works with Astah Professional