C++ Modeling and Exporting

In Astah Professional, you can Model in C++ (and other languages) and then export the Code.

Reverse Engineering of C++ is available using this Plug-in.

Programming languages can be specified by either of the following ways:

  • Property View - [Project Setting]
  • [Tool]-[System Properties]-[File]-[New Project Language]
Project LanguageProject Language2

Type Modifiers support (Pointers such as *, & and ohters)

By inputting Type Modifiers from the Property view, they will be shown in Classes, Attributes and other models, and also will be exported to HTML and RTF Documents.

c++  Typemodifier

C++ Primitive Type Support

The Following C++ Primitive types have been supported since ver 5.5.
bool / char / signed char / unsigned char / short / unsigned short / short int / signed short int / unsigned short int / int / signed int / unsigned int / long / unsigned long / long int / signed long int / unsigned long int / float / double / long double / wchar_t

Particular setting of C++ language is available

Property View - [Class], [Attribute], [Operation]-[Language]

C++ Class SettingC++ Attribute Setting

Export C++ Code

C++ ExportC++ Code Export