Suggest Feature

Just by moving your mouse over a model, Astahs new suggest feature offers suggestions to add other models in/from the model easily. For example, put your mouse over a Class, the suggestions of creatable models in/from a Class appear as icons, such as Attributes, Operations, Etc. To pick a suggestion, just click the icon... It is that easy.

The suggest feature helps you save time and keep up with your modeling smoothly and efficiently.

Sample1 - Requirement, TestCase and package

Suggest Feature

Sample2 - Class, UseCase, Entity

Suggest Feature2


ClassAttribute / Operation / In the Dropdown list(Associations, Dependency, Usage, Realization, Template Binding, Generation, Nest)
AssociationAssociation End Name / Multiplicity
ER EntityPrimary Key, Attribute, In the Dropdown list (

Identifying Relationship, Non-Identifying Relationship, Many-to-many Relationship, Subtype)

UseCaseIn the Dropdown list (Include, Extends, Associations, Generalization, Dependency)
State / Submachine StateTransition
Action / CallBehavior ActionTransition
Lifelines, execution specification, InteractionUse or Frame (Sequence Diagram)Synchronous Message, Asynchronous Message
Lifelines (Communication Diagram)Links
Link (not curved type)Message
Flow SymbolTransition
External EntityDataFlow
RequirementIn the Dropdown list (Nest, DeriveReqt, Copy, Satisfy, Refine, Trace
TestCaseIn the Dropdown list (Nest, Satisfy, Verify, Refine)
PackagesIn the Dropdown list (Nest, Generalization, Dependency)
ModelIn the Dropdown list (Nest, Generalization, Dependency)
SubsystemIn the Dropdown list (Nest, Generalization, Dependency
NoteNote Anchor
Instance SpecificationLink
Topic (Mind Map)Topic

Demo Movies: Suggest Feature