Astah User Guide

Start Astah and set license

System Requirements

About Java

Start Astah

You can launch Astah by:

  • Choosing [Astah] from Start menu or
  • Double-clicking Astah's app icon or .asta file

When launching Astah, it automatically looks for new updates through HTTP access and shows a dialogue if newer version is available.
If you wish not to check for updates, you can stop so by changing the option from [Tools] - [System Properties] - [Other].

astah system properties

Set License

When license is not set up yet, a license dialog appears. This is a same dialog that opens from [Help] - [License] menu.

astah license

Model Version

Every Astah product has a "Model Version" - a number which you need to know when you open .asta file in newer or older version of Astah. Astah files are forward compatible and it works based on this Model Version. For details, check out Astah Compatibility.
Check Astah's Model Version

You can also see a history of each .asta file such as the edition and model version the file has been edited by. Check Astah's Model Version