Astah User's Guide

Project Files

Project File

.asta file

Any projects you create with Astah are saved as .asta format files.

Creating a new project file

You can create a new project file by:

  • Going to [File] - [New] or
  • Clicking the most-left icon on a Tool bar
    Create a new Astah project

Template Files

You can choose which file to open as default when you create a new file.
You have three options.

  • Blank File
  • User Template
    ① Create your own template file you want to open when you create a new file, then save it in the directory below.
    ② Go to [Tools]-[System Properties]-[Project].
    ③ Choose [User Template] and enter the file name.
    Astah Cusomized Template files

  • Astah Built-in Templates
    ① Go to [Tools]-[System Properties]-[Project].
    ② Choose [Astah Built-in Template] and enter its file name.
          (Template files are stored in the Astah Installation folder/template/project.)
    Astah Template Files

Opening an existing file

You can open an existing file by:

  • Going to [File] - [Open]
    Astah Template Files
  • Clickng the 2nd-left button on the Tool bar.
    Astah Template Files
  • Choosing an .asta file under [Exit] of [File] menu
  • Drag .asta file onto Astah app icon or an opened instance of Astah.

Auto-save Project Files

  1. Go to [Tools]-[System Properties]-[File].
  2. Specify the number of operations till the next auto-save and lick [Apply] - [OK].
    auto save .asta files
  3. Switch the save icon to the one says "Save periodically" to turn on the Auto-save.
    auto save .asta files

File Preferences

You can change your preferences for files from [Tools]-[System Properties]-[File]. Astah's [System Properties]-[File]