aAstah User's Guide

[Edit] Menu

edit file
UndoUndos the previous edit.
RedoUndo the most recent [Undo] action.
CopyCopies the selected model elements on Diagram Editor.
Copy to ClipboardCopies the selected model on Diagram Editor to the clipboard in BMP, PNG or EMF(Extended Meta File).
EMF is not supported on Mac
PastePastes the copied model.
Copy StyleCopy style of the selected model such as color of objects and fonts.
Paste StylePaste copied style.
Delete from ModelDelete selected model from the project file compeltely.
Delete from DiagramDelete selected model only from currently-opened diagram.
Line StyleChange the style of selected line on diagram (1) Straight Line
(2) Right-angled Line
(3) Curved Line
(4) Right-angled Curverd Line
Shared StyleChanges the style of selected "Shared lines" on diagram (1) Vertical
(2) Horizontal
(3) Separate
StereotypeChanges the notation of stereotyped model elements.
(1) Normal - Show as a box with stereotype with ("<<", ">>")
(2) Icon - Show as Astah's standard Icon
(3) Customize - Show as customized Icon
Set ColorChanges the color of selected model on Diagram Editor.
Set Line ColorChanges the color of selected line on Diagram Editor.
Set Font ColorChanges the color of selected text on Diagram Editor.
Set Color of StereotypeSet default color for specific stereotypes.
Search on DiagramOpens a search bar for currently=opened diagram
Select AllSelect all the models on currently-opened diagram.
Depth ArrangementLayer selected model by addanging the appearance of depth in the stack.