Astah User's Guide

Create / Edit Model Elements

Create Model Elements

There are five ways to create Model Elements.

  1. Using Tool Palatte
    Choose an icon you want to create from the tool palatte and then click on a diagram.
  2. Dragging from [Structure Tree]
    Drag a model from the Structure Tree to diagram.
  3. Using Suggest Feature
    Click a mini icon that appears when you have mouse over an object.
    astah suggest feature
    TIPS: What you need to know about the Suggest Feature!

  4. Double-clicking on a digaram
    Directly double-clicking on the diagram creates the following model elements.

    DiagramModel Elements
    Class DiagramClass
    UseCase DiagramUseCase
    Statemachine DiagramState
    Activity DiagramAction
    Sequence DiagramLifeline
    Communication DiagramLifeline
    Component DiagramComponent
    Composite Structure DiagramStructured Class
    Data Flow DiagramProcess Box
    ER DiagramER Entity
    Mind MapRoot Topic
    Requirement DiagramRequirement

  5. Pasting texts from Clipboard
    astah suggest feature

Create Model Elements in a row

There are two ways to create the same model element continously.

  1. Hold [Shift Key] down
    Keep clicking on a diagram with holding [Shift] key down.
  2. Turn on the [Continuous] mode
    Click the [Continuous] mode on the tool palette.
    Continuous mode


There are three ways to rename the model elements.

  1. Double-click the name of the object
  2. In the Structure Tree
  3. In the Property View
    Select a model on diagram and go to [Base] tab in the Property View. Rename

Wrap Text

You can wrap text with [SHIFT+ENTER], [ALT+ENTER] or [CTRL+ ENTER].
However you cannot wrap text for some models.


  1. Click [Auto Resize] from models pop-upmenu

  2. Move the knob
    Move any knob that appears at the four corners of the object.
TIPS: Set default size of model elements
You can set default size for all the model elements in the System Properties.

Adjust Size

There are two ways to make multiple model elements as the same size. First select all the model elements you want to adjust sizes of and go to [Alignment] - [Adjust Size].

  1. Specify Size
    Check [Adjust size] and enter the sidth and height directly and then click [OK].
    Adjust Size
  2. Make all same to the target model
    Check [Adjust to the size of selected element] and choose the model you want other model elements to be sized by.
    Align Size


There are two ways to align the model elements.

  1. Using Tool buttons
    Select all the model elements you want to align and choose how you want to align by the tool button.
  2. Choose from [Alignment]

Switch Icons

You can switch the notation of model elements with specific stereotypes from [Icon Notation] menu.
Switch Icon

  1. Normal: Show in box with stereotype in "<<" and ">>".
    Switch Icon
  2. Icon: Show in Astah's standard icon (Such as Actor, Interface, entity, Boundary...etc.)
    Switch Icon
  3. Customize: Show in customized Icon. (How to upload Icon image.)
    Switch Icon

Set Font

You can change font per model element. To set font for the whole project, click here.
  1. Select a model element you want to change the font of then go to [Edit] - [Set Font] or choose font icon.
    Set Font
  2. A font chooser opens, select one you'd like.
    Set Font

Change Color

You can change the color of model element from [Edit] - [Set Color].
Set Color

Color Chooser

The color chooser contains of six image color groups: Aqua, Earth, Nature, Spring, Passion and Winter. You can get goood color combinations by using these color groups. [Favorite] can be used to store your favorite colors up to 10 colors.
Color Chooser

TIPS: Set default color for model elements!
You can set default color for each model element in the System Properties.

Copy Styles

You can copy and paste the style of model elements such as background color of the model element and color of texts...etc.
Copy Style