Astah User's Guide

Create / Edit Lines


Choose Line objects on the tool bar and click the start target and then and end target. To cancel creating a line, hit [Esc] key or do the right-click.

Line Style

There are 4 line styles.

  1. Line
    astah line style
  2. Line (Right Angle)
    astah line style
  3. Curve
    astah line style
  4. Curve (Right Angle)
    astah line style

Default Line Style

Currently "Curve" line is a deafult line style for DFD, "Line (Right-angle)" is for ERD and "Line" is for all the other diagrams. To change the default line style, choose one on the tool bar.

astah line style

Switch targets

You can change the object to connect to by dragging the end point of the line and let it connect to another object.

where line connects

Change Line Style

You can change line style from line's pop-up menu [Line Style].

line style
TIPS: Use Shortcut keys to change line style!
To switch between a straight line and right-angle line, use Shortcut keys.
Straight line: Ctrl(⌘)+L
Right-angle line: Ctrl(⌘)+E

Move connecting lines

By default, all the lines would be connected to the center of mode lelements.
where line connects
If you want to move the connecting spots, unlock the "connecting spot" on the tool bar.
where line connects
Now you can connect the line on the object any where you'd like.
where line connects

Switch to Shared Style

There are two ways to show multiple Generalization lines into a shared line style.

  1. Using [Edit] menu
    Select all the multiple lines then go to [Edit] - [Shared Style].
  2. Dropping the generalization line on the another
    When you are creating generation lines, drop the line on the arror of the other Generalization lines.