Astah User's Guide

Reference Model Management

What is "Reference Model Management" feature?

This feature connects multiple files and let multiple-users to work on the diagram at the same time. When any change is made in one diagram, the change will be visible in other diagrams for all the other users.

Import Reference Model

  1. Go to [File] - [Reference Model Management] from Main Menu.
  2. [Reference Model Management] dialog comes up, click [Add]. Select the Path Type (Absolute Path or Relative Path) then select the project file to import.
  3. It adds the project file.

Reference models have an Icon in the Structure Tree.

Reference Model Management

When the Reference model was updated

When the reference model has been updated with someone else, you will get the window below when you open a project.

Astah reference model
Click [OK] to go next and update.
Astah reference model

Update Reference project using Commandline

You can update reference model by using .bat and .sh files.

Updates Certain Reference Models based on Time Stamp

By using "update-all" with specified directory, you are able to update all the .asta files which are stored in the specified directory and are not updated yet in Astah. The command line tool checks whether they needed to be updated or not by the time stamp that the file contains. However by using "use-builtin-timestamp" or "ubt", you can find .asta files to be updated based on the timestamp which the project has.

call astah-run.bat "astah_directory_path" update-all
call astah-run.bat "C:\\Program Files\\astah-professional" update-all

Mac/Linux "astah_directory_path" update-all
e.g. "/home/tanaka/astah-professional" update-all
  • You can find "astah-run.bat" or "" in Astah Installation folder.
  • It exports log files as yyyyMMdd_HHmm_astah_convert_command.log in the directory.

Update all Reference Models

Use following commands to update all the reference models in all *.asta files inside the selected directory.

call astah-run.bat "asta_directory_path" update-all-force
call astah-run.bat "C:\\Program Files\\astah-professional" update-all-force

Linux "astah_directory_path" update-all-force
e.g. "/home/tanaka/astah-professional" update-all-force


You can configure some detailed settings regarding the reference model management features from [Tools] - [System Properties].

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