Astah User Guide

Add hyperlinks

Add Hyperlink from menu

You can add hyperlink to diagrams and models. There are three ways to do so.

  1. From Pop-up menu in the Structure Tree
  2. From Pop-up menu of models on the diagram
  3. From [Hyperlink] tab in the property view
TIPS: Use Shortcut key!
You can open Hypelink window by hitting Ctrl(Cmd) + K.
See more useful shortcut keys!

Add hyperlink by drag

You can also add hyperlink by dagging a file directly onto diagram.

Drag it onto a model
  1. Drag the file direcly onto the model.
    astah, hyperlink
  2. Hyperlink will be added to the model.
    astah, hyperlink

Drag it on a diagram

When you release the file on a diagram where no model is drawn, you have two choices.
astah, hyperlink

If you choose the above option, a hyperlink will be added to the diagram.

If you choose the bottom option,

astah, hyperlink

The hyperlink will be added with a text (File name).

astah, hyperlink

What you can add as hyperlinks

You can choose what to add as hyperlinks. There are three types of Hyperlinks you can add.

  1. Files
    A file chooser opens. Choose relative path or absolute path and then select the file to add as hyperlink.
  2. URL
    Enter URL directly.
  3. Diagrams and Models in the project file
    You can select diagrams or models from the tree view.

You an search for hyperlinks that no longer exist.
Open [Search] tab, select Invalid Hyperlinks from the dropdown and hit [Search] button.
This will list up all the invalid hyperlinks.