Astah User's Guide

Image Export

Export diagram images

Diagram images can be exported to image files (PNG, JPEG, EMF or SVG). The diagram name is set to the file name.

Export diagram images
  • Current Diagram ︎ PNG, JPEG, EMF or SVG
    Export the current diagram in the Diagram Editor.
  • Multi Diagrams ︎ PNG, JPEG, EMF or SVG
    Export the selected diagrams in the Multi Diagram Chooser.

Export images via commandline

Command Line Tool which is included in Astah install folder enables you to export images, update reference models and compare projects from Command Line.
By using ‘image’ action with astah-commandw.exe (for Windows) or (For Mac or Linux), you can export diagram images as PNG, JPEG or EMF. If you do not specify the image format, it exports in PNG format automatically.

Sample: Export ER diagram in the C:¥input¥hoge.asta.file to C:¥output in PNG
call astah-command.bat -image er -f C:\input\hoge.asta -t png -o C:\output
Sample: Export all the diagrams in the C:¥input¥hoge.asta.file to C:¥output in PNG
call astah-command.bat -image all -f C:\input\hoge.asta -t png -o C:\output

Mac / Linux

  1. Run terminal and moved to Astah Installation folder.
  2. Run command like below.
./ -image all -f /Users/$USER_HOME/output/hoge.asta -t svg -o /Users/$USER_HOME/output


allAll the diagramscomCommunication DiagramcrudCRUD
clClassDiagramcmpComponent DiagrammmMind Map
ucUseCaseDiagramdepDeployment DiagramrpdRequirement Diagram
ucdUseCase DescriptioncsCompositeStructure DiagramrqtRequirement Table
scStatemachine DiagramfcFlowcharttmTraceability Map
actActivity DiagramdfdData Flow Diagramignore-ref Ignore referenced models
seqSequence DiagramerER Diagram

Other options
--dpi [image dpi]
Resolution You can specify the resolution. It'll use default size - 96 which is set in the System Properties.
Dpi 72 is the same size as it is displayed in the Diagram Editor.
--file [target file]
Target file
--dgm_id [ids for target diagrams]
Set ID Specify Diagram’s IDs with a space between them. If you specify the ID, file names will be the ID’s instead of diagram names.
--output [output]
Base folder where this image is exported to Folder where the image is exported to is "base folder and project file name.
--type [image type]
Format of images PNG(png), JPEG(jpg), Enhanced Metafile(emf) or SVG(svg)


You can set preferences from [Tools] - [System Properties] - [Image Export].

Image Export