Astah User's Guide

HTML and RTF Export

HTML Export

API Documentation (javadoc) of the opened Project can be generated in HTML format as follows:

  1. Click [Tool]-[Export Html] in the Main Menu.
  2. Select the target folder and click on [Select].
  • To display a diagram, click a link to the diagram. The detailed information can be displayed by clicking Classes.

HTML Export - System Properties

You can set detailed settings in the System Properties.


RTF Export

To export RTF, go to [Tool]-[Export RTF].


What you can export to RTF

  • Package List
  • Class List
  • UseCase List
  • Data Flow Diagram Model List
  • Requirement List
  • TestCase List
  • All the diagrams
  • UseCase Description
  • Class, Attributes, Operations
  • Hierarchy of Activity Diagram Data Flow Diagram
  • Action Properties (Definitions and TaggedVales)