Astah User's Guide

User Defined TaggedValues

Import User Defined TaggedValues.

Define TaggedValue

Create [] file and save this file in USERHOME/.astah/professional directory.

TaggedValue Definition Sample
tag.id_001.definition=The creator of a model,Package
tag.id_002.definition=The creator of a model

Name of the
Target Target model is required.
Allow to set multiple Target Models.
Cannot import properly if it contains invalid strings.
Target Only one stereotype can be set.
This is optional.

Import TaggedValues

  • Select [Tool] - [Import User Defined TaggedValue] TaggedValues are added to Models that match with property file.
  • If some TaggedValues had same Tagged Name and the TaggedValue was changed, the changed TaggedValue will be imported.
  • Once the project file has imported User Defined TaggeValue, the TaggeValue will be added automatically when creating new models.

Supported Taget models

Model  CreateMessage
Subsystem  DestroyMessage
Package  ReturnMessage
ClassDiagram  CombinedFragment
Class  InteractionUse
Attribute  StateInvariant
Method  CommunicationDiagram
Association  MessageCL (Messages in Communication Diagram)
AssociationRole  ComponentDiagram
AssociationClass  Component
Generalization  Artifact
Interface  DeploymentDiagram
Dependency  Node
Entity  NodeInstance
Boundary  ComponentInstance
Control  Comment (Notes)
Object (InstanceSpecification)  Flowchart
Link  FlowElement
UseCaseDiagram  DataFlowDiagram
Actor  ExternalEntity
UseCase  DataStore
Extend  DataFlow
Include  Anchor
StatemachineDiagram  ERDiagram
State  EREntity
SubmachineState  ERAttribute
StubState  Domain
ActivityDiagram  ERRelationship
Partition  ManyToManyRelationship
Action  Subtype
Call Behavior Action  CRUD
Transition  RequirementDiagram
ObjectNode  RequiementTable
SequenceDiagram  Requirement
LifeLine  TestCase
Message  TraceabilityMap