FAQ - Bug Report

I was asked to send an obfuscated XML of my .asta file. How can I convert?

Astah support may ask you to provide your .asta file along with your bug report in case the log file was not sufficient to solve the issue.
If the .asta files contains any confidential information, you can obfuscate the file, so all the model names would be replaced with meaningless characters and numbers.
  1. Open the .asta file
  2. Go to [Tools]-[XML Input & Output]-[Save as Obfuscated XML Project [For Bug Report].
  3. A dialog box will appear confirm you would like to proceed by clicking [Yes].
  4. Save the .xml file and send it to Astah Support.

How converted XML looks like

If you'd like to check how the converted diagram looks like. Go to [Tools]-[XML Input &Output]-[Open XML Project]

Before convert

After convert