Visual matters – adding images can make your diagrams dynamically expressive.
Let’s find out what Astah Professional offers to help you with that.

Stereotype Icon

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Customized Stereotype icon

You can replace UML objects such as Classes and Actions with any image file you’d like.
This is available in Astah Professional edition only.

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How to switch UML objects to icon

  1. Go to [Tools] – [Project] – [Set Icon for Stereotype]

  2. A window opens, click the [Add] icon.
    Add Stereotype Icon

    If you’d like to upload multiple image files at once, click a [folder] icon.
    Upload multiple image files

  3. One line will be added. Click [Edit] button.

  4. Enter the stereotype and upload an image file you want it to be associated with the stereotype.

  5. Now select a class with the stereotype, choose [Customize] on the toolbar.

  6. A model will turn into the related icon.
    Show a model in custom icon
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Add BPMN Look & Feel to an activity diagram!

By using these stereotype icons, you can make a BPMN-like diagram based on an activity diagram.
Read more.
BPMN loon and feel in Astah

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C4 model diagram

You can create the C4 model using the C4 model plug-in which is using this Stereotype functionality.
The C4 model in Astah