Astah User's Guide

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tool menu in Astah
Script EditorOpens a script editor where you can access models via Scripting language.
Export ImageExport currently-opened diagram as PNG, JPEG, EMF or SVG format files.
Export HTMLExport currently-opened projects to HTML format files (javadoc).
Export CSVExports a list of Classes, Attributes, Operations and UseCases.
XML Input & Output
Astah Professional
Exports and imports project data in XMI (Supported XMI version: 1.1)
Export RTFGenerates project data as RTF documenetations.
Mindmap (1) Export RTF - Exports currently-opened Mindmap to RTF format documentations.
(2) Export PowerPoint - Exports currently-opened Mindmap to PowerPoint files.
Java (1) Impoart Java - Imports .java soure code files.
(2) Export Java - Exports classes to .java source code files. Definitions of Classes and Operations will be exported as comments.
C#Export C# - Generates C# source code files from models in the project file.
C++Export C++ - Generates C++ source code files from models in the project file.
ER Diagram
Astah Professional
(1) Export Sql
(2) Set ER Data Type
(3) Add ER Domains
(3) Export Entity Definition Report
(4) Convert ER Model to UML Model
(5) Convert UML Model to ER Model
Astah Professional
(1) Export CRUD to Excel
(2) Export CRUD Statistics to Excel
Astah Professional
(1) Import Requirement Table from Excel
(2) Export Requirement Table to Excel
Traceability Map
Astah Professional
(1) Open Traceability Map
(2) Update All Traceability Maps
(3) Delete All Traceability Map
(4) Export RTF
Set Template (1) UseCase Description - Customize templates for UseCase Descriptions
(2) Flow SymbolsAstah Professional - Add icon sets for Flowcharts
(3) Mindmap Style - Customize Mindmap style teamplates
Search Invalid HyperlinksLists up all the broken hyperlinks
Import User Defined TaggedValue
Astah Professional
Import TaggedValues you define to each model elements in currently-opened project.
External Tool
Astah Professional
Add external tools to work with Astah
Correct Model Correct invalid models which were generated by the softwarea's bug. (This is not for checking the models with UML specification.)
Project You can configure currently-opened project's properties.
  • Set Project Properties
  • Synchronize Project Properties
  • Set Icon for StereotypeAstah Professional
  • Default Font
System PropertiesConfgure the system settings.