Astah User's Guide

Structure / Hierarchy Tree

What is "Structure Tree"?

This is a view to show diagrams and models in a tree view. This page will show you what you can do on this tree view.

astah structure tree

Sync the selection on the diagram and tree

Click the "sync" button on the top-right of the tree view, so that the selection on diagram and tree view will sync all the time.


Diagrams and Models


You can create diagrams and models from models pop-up menu in the tree view.
Astah Structure Tree

Note:1) Created diagrams/models will located below the selected diagram/model.
Note:2) UseCase Description will be created below the selected UseCase.

Astash UseCase Description

UseCase Description

Drag models to diagrams

You can drag models from tree to diagrams to draw them on the diagram.
You will be able to convert models by dragging them to other diagrams. For details check out Convert models.


Choose [Rename] to change name of diagrams/models.
Astah rename models


Choose [Delete] to delete selected models completely from the project.


You can clone diagrams/models from [Clone] menu. For details, go to Clone models.


Re-arrange the order

You can drag and drop Attributes and Operations to change the order.

Create Setter/Getter

Right-click on attribute to show its pop-upmenu and add Setter/Getter.

setter getter

Jump to Diagram

You can jump to a diagram where the selected model is drawn by choosing [All Related Diagrams].

setter getter


Change Mindmap's style

Choose [Set Mindmap Style] to apply the style change to the Mindmap.

Create Artifact MapAstah Professional

You can turn all the diagrams and models in the project into Mindmap - is called an "Artifact Map". Click [Create Artifact Map] from the pop-up menu of a root package.

Astah Artifact Map

Set Font

By choosing [Set Font] menu from the pop-up menu of a root package, you can change the font for the project.

Font setting
  • Available font size is from 6 to 40.
  • Font can be also set from the project's property.
  • This font style works for all theiagrams except Mind Map. To chae the font on Mind Map, you need to do so from [Set Mindmap Style] menu.

Print Setup (Project)

You can set up the properties for print.

What is Hierarchy Tree? Astah Professional

This is a view to show models in hierarchy view of Statemachine Diagrams, Activity Diagrams, Data Flor Diagram.

Astah Hierarchy Tree

Show/Hide Diagrams

  1. Click [Filter] button on the top-right of the Hierarchy Tree View.
    Hierarchy View
  2. A window opens. Check all the diagram types that you want to show on the Hierarchy Tree View.
    Hierarchy View


By turning on the "Sync" mode, you can sync the selection between Hierarchy tree view and diagram.

Hierarchy Tree View