Astah User's Guide




Create Associations

There are two ways to create Associations

  1. From Toolbar

    Choose [Association Class] from tool palatte and click two targets.

  2. From Draw suggest

    Move a mouse over a model and choose from its suggested list.


Tool buttons

newAssociation | Unspecified Association to Unspecified Association
openAssociation | Unspecified Association to Navigable Association
saveAssociation | Non-Navigable Association to Navigable Association
auto-saveAssociation | Navigable Association to Navigable Association
undoAggregation | Aggregation to Unspecified Association
redoAggregation | Aggregation to Navigable Association
zoom100Composition | Composition to Unspecified Association
zoominComposition | Composition to Navigable Association

Association Name

Association name will appear when you add its name directly on the diagram.

Association name

Show Direction

To show direction of the association, select [Name Direction] - [Visibility]. To change the direction, click [Reverse Direction].
※To show the direction, you have to name the association first.

Association name

You can edit navigation of the association and its type such as Compositions and Aggregations, you can change it from the pop-up menu or property view.

  • Pop-up menu
  • Property View
    Association Details

Association Class

There are two ways to create an Association Class.

  1. Click [Association Class] from a tool bar and click two Classes.
    association class
  2. Choose [Convert to AssociationClass] from Association's Pop-up menu.