Astah User's Guide

Common Tool

Common Tool

Here's a set of common tools you can use for all the diagrams!

common toolbutton

note iconNote : Add comments to Model Elements.
Text Box

TIPS: You can hide Notes from diagram.
You can hide all the Notes from diagram's pop-up menu.
Hide Note from diagrams
noteanchor iconNote Anchor: Anchor Notes to related Model Elements.
Text BoxText / Text Box
Insert Text / TextBox.
Text Box
RectangleRectangles/Corner-rounded Rectangles/Ovals
Draw Rectangles/Colored Rectangles in Diagrams. For example, Rectangle can be used to enclose a semantic collection of Model Elements.
Line iconLine : Draw Lines on Diagrams.
freehand pulldownFreehand / Highlighter
Draw Freehand lines / Highlighters on Diagrams.
freehand pulldown
imageImages : Paste Images.
imageGap Expander : Move all the model elements to create space.
lockGap Remover : Move all the model elements to fill up space.
lockLock Selected Mode : Lock the selected mode on the Tool Palette.
centerSet Relation End to the center of the item : Place the ends of lines (Associations, Generalizations, or Dependencies) at the center of Model Elements.
rightAngleOffLine Mode
Set the Line Mode (Line, Line (Right Angle), Curve, Curve (Right Angle)) to draw lines (e.g. Association) between Model Elements.
drawSuggestSuggest Feature : Switch On/Off the Draw Suggest Feature.

TIPS : Use Notes with streotype!

Diagram Sample
note and_anchor