Astah User's Guide

Traceability Map

Traceability Map shows the relationships between models with Mind Map format.

Traceability Map

Create Traceability Maps

There are two ways to create a Traceability Map.

  • From Main Menu
    Go to [Tools] - [Traceability Map] - [Open Traceability Map] from Main Menu and select the target model in the tree.
    Create Traceability Map
  • From [Structure Tree]
    Right-click on a target model and choose [Open Traceability Map] from its Pop-up menu in the Structure Tree.
    Create Traceability Map

Models that you can create Traceability Map of

Diagram TypeModels on the Map
CommonPackage, Model, Subsystem, Class, Component, Artifact
Data Flow DiagramExternal Entity, DataStore
ER DiagramEREntity
Requirement DiagramRequirement, TestCase

Relationships that appear on the Traceability Map

Diagram TypeLinks to appear on the map
CommonAssociation, AssociationClass, Generalization, Realization, Dependency, Use Dependency, Template Binding, Extend and Include
ER DiagramDependency Relationship, Non-Dependency Relationship, Many-to-Many Relationship and Subtype
Requirement DiagramRequirement, Dependencies of Requirements and TestCases
Type ReferenceAttribute Type, Operation Return Value, Base Class of Instance Specification, Base Class of Lifeline, Base Class of Object Node, Base Class of Component Instance and Base Class of Node Instance

Update Traceability Map

To update the map, click [Update] on the Tool Palette or right-click on the target Traceability Map in the Structure Tree and select [Update Traceability Map].

Update traceability map

TIPS: Update All the Traceability Maps
Select [Tools] - [Traceability Map] - [Update All Traceability Maps] from Main Menu.

Export to RTF

You can export Traceability maps to RTF. To do so, go to [Tools] - [Traceability Map] - [Export RTF] from Main Menu.

Update traceability map

TIPS: Export RTF Option
You can set preferences for how you want the map to be exported into RTF by clicking [Option] button.