Astah User's Guide

Print Setup & Preview


  1. Open the diagram to print.
  2. Go to [File] - [Print] from Main Menu, or hit the shortcut key [Ctrl/Cmd + P].
TIPS: Print from the Diagram Tab
You can print from the Diagram Tab too!

  1. Go to [File] - [Print Multi] from Main Menu.
  2. Select target diagrams to print using the diagram dialog. Click [Select All] / [Deselect All] to select/deselect target diagrams.
TIPS: The Order of Printing
Diagrams would be printed in the order as listed in the diagram dialog. To change the order, click on [Name], [Kind], or [Parent] respectively.
In order to sort exactly how you'd like, put number in front of the digram name to arrange.

Print Setup (Project)

Go to [File] - [Print Setup (Project)] to set up how to print. The configuration will be saved in the .asta file.


  1. Paper Size
  2. Orientation
  3. Margins

  • Logo File
    Click on [Select...] to select a file to use as the Logo. JPG, GIF, and PNG format images are supported.
  • Edit Header/Footer
    Click [Edit Header...]/[Edit Footer...] and set target informations and the positons.


You can configure the print setting such as letting a whole diagram fit in one page...etc.


UseCase Description CRUD Requirement Table

Check this option to print UseCase Description, CRUD and Requirement Tables on multiple pages.
If this is unchecked, multiple UseCase descriptions would be printed on one single page.

Print UseCase Description

Print Setup (Diagram)

Go to [File] - [Print Setup (Project)] from Main Menu to set up the print option per diagram.
This setting is used to set the printing options for Page, Headers, Footers and Diagram (or UseCase Description)... same as Print setup(project). This configuration will be saved per Diagrams.
If you don't need individual setting per diagram, check [Print by using the print setting for the project] and click [OK].

Print Preview

  1. Go to [File] - [Print Preview] from Main Menu.
    Print Preview
  2. Print Preview will open.
    Print Preview
    • Print - Click [Print] to start printing.
    • Display Size - Use this option to change the scale(%) of the display.
    • Column - Use this option to change the number of columns.
    • Print Setup - Open Print Setup Dialog.